Cold applied primer, formulated with highly pliable, flexible asphalt, and selected petroleum solvents and additives. It is used for concrete, smooth asphalt, roofs, brick and metal surfaces. Also it protects timber against fungi, termite and carbonization.
It used before application of bituminous products in general.


Cold liquid applied bituminous waterproofing emulsion. It forms an elastic and durable waterproofing film that resist the attack of weather, salt, water, many acids and alkalis.
It is general purpose waterproofing coating suitable for application to existing roofs underground concrete and metals roofs. It is protective coating for concrete surfaces subject to attack from soil and salty water and withstands moderate concentration of acids and alkalis.
Used for concrete, brick, tile, wood and polystyrene foam, foundation, below-grade walls, roofs and pipes. It is suitable for waterproofing systems in general (for civil and industrial buildings of all kinds).


Cold applied adhesive bituminous compound formulated from ductile high quality asphalt, selected solvent and special additives .
It is good adhesive for vinyl tiles, vinyl Sheet, Polystyrene foam and roofing felt .





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