Eng . Osman Ahmed Osman

Osman Group's momentum today is due in very large part to the leadership, wisdom and foresight of our founder and our father Osman Ahmed Osman.

Following we would like to share some of his values, thoughts, and advices which are quoted from his book pages from my experience that always guide the group :

  • The principles which I was devoted to all my life are telling the truth, mastering work and punctuality.
  • The human relations in its highest forms are the only correct entrance for the proper management that leads a successful work.
  • Constant presence at the work site is the most important characteristic for any contractor who wants to succeed.
  • I imagined that the contractor is a man whose bowls are outside his body; he must temporarily protect, and then return it inside as soon as possible.
  • Loss of money is small no matter how large but loss of men is large no matter how small.
  • When someone wants to work with me, I don't test his efficiency, but his faith because the believer enforces you to trust him, but the unbeliever needs to be guarded and who guards him needs to be guarded and so on.
  • It was significant to choose reliable men who can hold the responsibilities, in order to give my entire attention to what is important, that’s how I understand leadership.
  • As I always say love and loyalty are two sides of the same coin. Without either of them man loses many of his weapons facing the battle of life.
  • Coincidence does not seek anyone, but always meet who works hard for it.
  • I never and will not ever admit what they call crises. It's just poor management and it doesn’t need more than organization to solve most of our problems.
  • Human's work defends him in the present and the other world, and no matter how many rumors people say about you, don’t look back and walk your way in order not to waste your time and effort once you are sure of what you are doing.





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