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Industrial Projects
Project Main Contractor
West Cairo Power Station Plant Arab Contractors Co.
Helwan Power Station Plant A W Co
Abu Soltan Power Station Plant CRC Dorra Co.
Medical Drugs Factory - Abu Sultan CRC Dorra Co.
Medical Drugs Factory - Amireya CRC Dorra Co.
Manure Factory - Abu Keer - Alex Petrojet
360 Military Factory - helwan Arab Contractors Co.
Akhbar El Youm Press -6 October City Medcom Co.
Nestlle Factory - 6 October City Hassan Allam Sons
Sigma Medical Drugs Factory - 10th of Ramadan Mina for Real Estate Investment Co.
Halwany Factory - 10th of Ramadan Halwany International Co.
EMG Factory - 10th of Ramadan Medcom Co.
Arab Contractors Press Medcom Co.